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Sue Clark


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Sue Clark’s first love has always been comedy though, as well as scriptwriting for TV and radio, in her time she’s been a journalist, copywriter and PR. Her first comic novel, Note to Boy, was published in 2020. In 2023, her short story, ‘On The Brushes’, was featured in the anthology Taking Liberties. And 2024 will see the publication of her second comic fiction, A Novel Solution.

Meet the author

Sue Clark, in a varied – not to say serendipitous – writing career, has contributed to newspapers, magazines, trade journals and guide books, as well as penning radio and TV comedy scripts for the BBC.

Her aim in writing fiction is to give the reader that winning combination of laughter, laced with a few tears. Heart and humour.

What people are saying

“Clark is a remarkable ventriloquist … The story is a pleasure all the way through. A funny and immersive portrait”

Kirkus Reviews (on Note to Boy)

“Note to Boy is a charming, hilarious story about an unlikely friendship … I highly recommend this clever book. I’m sure you’ll love it!”

Joel Francis (on Note to Boy)

The Gibraltar Magazine

“In her beautifully written debut novel, Sue Clark tells a story that will make you laugh a lot and cry a little.”

Paterson Loarn (on Note to Boy)

Book blogger

“A collection that is full of surprises. But it is no surprise that this talented group of authors have found so many unexpected and entertaining ways to write on the theme of freedom. A great read.”

Lulu Allison (on Taking Liberties)

Author of Salt Lick (Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022 Long List)