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Sue Clark



Warm, funny,
totally original and
above all, moving..."

She wants her celebrity life back. He just wants a life.

Eloise is an erratic, faded fashionista. Bradley is a glum but wily teenager.

Both guard secrets. How did she lose her fame and fortune? What’s he scheming – beyond getting his hands on her bank card? And just what’s hidden in that mysterious locked room? Find out in the comedy fiction, Note to Boy.

Note to Boy is published July 2020

Meet the author

Though she’s never been rich and famous, author Sue Clark, has seen celebrity from the side-lines.

What people are saying

“Clark is a remarkable ventriloquist … The story is a pleasure all the way through. A funny and immersive portrait”

Kirkus Reviews

“A terrific first novel. Pulls off that incredibly tricky trick of introducing me to two characters … then left me bereft when I had to bid them farewell at the end.”

Paul Mayhew Archer

Comedy writer and co-writer of The Vicar of Dibley

“Warm, funny, life-enhancing, totally original and, above all, moving … We’re thrown into the story and a maelstrom of emotions from page 1. By page 2, I was hooked”

Mike Coleman

TV and radio scriptwriter

“The sparks which fly between an embittered relic of the Swinging London fashion scene and a young man with nothing to lose, are both funny and tragic”

Andrew Crofts

Author and ghostwriter