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Sue Clark grew up in the West Midlands in a home where laughter, though not many books, was always present. One of her earliest memories is of challenging herself to read all the books in the fiction shelves of the local library, starting at A. Even with a certain amount of cheating, she progressed only as far as C for Conan Doyle.

She’s always loved comedy, writing it and enjoying what others wrote or performed. But fate had other ideas. After a time, best forgotten, when she was possibly the worst secretary in London, she managed to finangle a career as a journalist, copywriter and PR, writing proper, serious stuff for proper, serious people. Meanwhile, another sleight of hand resulted in a happy spell as a BBC TV and radio comedy scriptwriter.

Her first novel, Note to Boy, was published in 2020, gaining a Pencraft award for humour. Since then she’s contributed to the short story anthology Taking Liberties, and written a second comic fiction, A Novel Solution, to be published by SRL Publishing in 2024.
Sue Clark lives in Oxfordshire with an exceptionally forbearing husband, and near to her three grown-up children and grand-daughter, in the sort of apparently sleepy market town that inspires deadly dramas like Midsomer Murders.
She has never been tempted to revive the library reading challenge.