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Note To Boy

The debut novel by Sue Clark

Note to Boy tells of the mayhem that follows when the worlds of an outrageous fashion diva and a downtrodden modern teenager collide.

In need of help to write her racy 1960s memoirs, Eloise, a former ‘shock frock’ fashion guru, tolerates young Bradley’s common ways. Unable to remember his name, she calls him Boy. Desperate to escape a brutal home life, he puts up with her bossiness and confusing notes.

Note to Boy was partly inspired by a time in the 1960s when the young Sue Clark lived at the heart of Swinging London, working for an American film company, buying her miniskirts in Carnaby Street and going to parties in Chelsea. It was a ‘fab and groovy’ time, she says, quickly adding that her behaviour and dress sense were never as extreme as Eloise’s!

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“A terrific first novel. Pulls off that incredibly tricky trick of introducing me to two characters ... then left me bereft when I had to bid them farewell at the end.”
Paul Mayhew Archer
Comedy writer and co-writer of The Vicar of Dibley
“Warm, funny, life-enhancing, totally original and, above all, moving ... We’re thrown into the story and a maelstrom of emotions from page 1. By page 2, I was hooked”
Mike Coleman
Tv and radio scriptwriter
“The sparks which fly between an embittered relic of the Swinging London fashion scene and a young man with nothing to lose, are both funny and tragic”
Andrew Crofts
Author and ghostwriter

Note To Boy is now available to purchase as a paperback via the online store