It’s here! Look out for A Novel Solution, my second comic fiction, out in paperback this very week, published by the lovely people at SRL Publishing.

What’s it about? It’s about Trish who is facing a midlife crisis, as her personal and professional lives fall apart. In a bid to grab back control, she decides to reinvent herself… as, of all things, a novelist.

Easy, right? Wrong! After a wobbly start, things seem to be looking up when the rookie writer hooks up with self-styled celebrity author Amanda, who agrees to mentor her. But everything is not as it seems in Amanda’s gloomy house in the woods…

Readers’ verdicts include:

‘Hugely enjoyable and entertaining.’

‘I had high hopes of this book … I was NOT disappointed.’

‘A cracker.’

There’s comedy, mystery, drama. There’s an atmospheric ochre pit. And there’s a stray kitten. What more could you ask for?

A Novel Solution is available all over the place, in bookshops and online.

And if by chance it’s not on the shelves of your favourite indie bookshop (mine is the excellent Mostly Books in Abingdon), please go in and order it. You’ll probably come out with several other books in your backpack, but that’s all to the good. And great timing, as next week (15-22June) is Independent Bookshop Week. Our friendly local booksellers are precious!

See how excited I am to welcome the paperback!