Happy New Year everyone! I’m a looking-forward sort of gal so, I am thinking ahead to what goodies 2024 will bring, while being thankful for the best bits of 2023 – a curate’s egg of a year fo me.

Very excitingly, Spring will see the publication of my latest, and I think funniest, book, A Novel Solution (a reminder of its zingy cover is below) with the lovely people of SRL Publishing. The hardback drops – is that the term? – in March, to be followed soon after by the paperback. But of course, if you wish you can put in a preorder NOW on Amazon. Keep your eyes open for further news of the launch.

The Breakthrough Book Collective, of which I am proud to be a part, launched in 2023 and I am happy to say goes from strength to strength. The publication of its first two anthologies of short stories, Taking Liberties and Order and Chaos, were extremely well received and another is planned. The Collective also published the novel In Truth, Madness by Imran Kahn, an important, timely and hugely readable book, which looks at the world’s trouble spots through the eyes of a fictional jaded foreign correspondent. I can’t praise it enough. We hope to add more books to the list as the year progresses. And I’d like to add, what a joy it is to work with such a talented, positive and generous bunch of writers.

Lastly, a personal note. I shall be hors de combat for a while since, as seems to be my habit, I shall be starting the New Year with a new hip. But back, as soon as I can, with a cobalt-chrome spring in my step.