This week, I’ve achieved something of a coup! No, not of an obscure foreign country, but of the book-promoting kind.

As readers of this site might have noted, I’m a big fan of Count Arthur Strong. I think Eloise, a main character in Note to Boy, and the Count have a lot in common, in terms of delusions of grandeur and the ability to create chaos wherever they saunter. More in hope than expectation, I sent the Count a copy of my book. Lo and behold, this week the Twittersphere is alive to the sounds of cheering (mine), as Count Arthur tweeted, and I quote:

‘I tell you something, I thoroughly enjoyed @SueClarkAuthor’s lovely book ‘Note to Boy’. Delightful read.’

He read and thoroughly enjoyed my book! I’ll pause a moment while I let this news sink in. Just goes to show, it’s always worth asking. People – even showbiz legends – can be nice.

Finally, a word about reviews. If you enjoyed a book, please do take a few minutes to pen some words about it and pop them on Goodamazon or Twitreads or something. It really does help readers find and appreciate new authors.