And so my tale begins …

Here’s a video of me reading the first few pages of Note to Boy, for your delectation. It’s not the same without the accents but, as Julie Walters and Taron Egerton unaccountably did not answer their phones, you’ll have to put up with me. Likewise Dame Judi and Will Poulter,  Penelope Wilton and Gregory Piper … the list goes on.  Anyhow, hope this little extract whets your appetite for reading more for yourself – then you can do your own accents.



Read all about it!

Note to Boy is in the news! Read how Sue Clark turned from comedy scriptwriter into comedy novelist. Secrets are revealed about meeting no less than three James Bonds.

You can also find out how Swinging London influenced the writing of her novel, Note to Boy, the long journey to publication, and the challenges of launching a book during lockdown.

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