Here’s a selection of reviews of the short story anthology Taking Liberties, which includes my little tale, ‘On The Brushes’. It’s great to see what readers, writers and book bloggers make of these stories by twelve established authors.

Longer versions of what they have to say may be found on Amazon or Goodreads, or by following the link indicated. You are most welcome!

‘An excellent collection of short stories about freedom from twelve authors. I was very impressed by how differently each author interpreted the topic and all of these literary offerings are well-written with thought-provoking ideas. There were perhaps three stories I didn’t really connect with, but I enjoyed all of the others. My favourites were ‘Human Error’ by Stephanie Bretherton, which has a sci-fi element; ‘Snuffr – Or How Britain Became A Nicer Place’ by Paul Waters which is dark and wickedly humorous; and ‘On the Brushes’ by Sue Clark which is quite gentle yet compelling.’

NS Ford, writer, reader and blogger.

‘When you don’t know what you fancy until you try it as you dive into a box of chocolates, so Taking Liberties, with its range of different genres, delights the tastebuds in every way. There’s something to suit whatever mood you’re in and all delicious in their different ways. It’s a great introduction to the work of the authors and perfect holiday reading in that you can dip in and out and when you’re home again, buy the novels of your favourite authors who feature. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new passion?

judefowl, reader

‘Taking Liberties is a wonderfully eclectic collection of short stories from an equally eclectic collection of authors.
Having read novels by the majority, if not all of the collective I knew the standard of writing would be high and I wasn’t wrong.’

MarkieVee, reader

‘Lots of different styles and voices here, but all of a high quality. At times gripping, at times funny, at times moving, at times thought provoking. Enjoyed the overall theme. Will dip back in from time to time. Great public transport reading. Well worth it!’

Kindle customer

Three stories in and I just love this collection. If you like off beat short stories, you’ll enjoy Taking Liberties!

Miles Hudson, reader