Singer Sam Smith strutting his stuff in a Harri-designed black latex outfit on the BRITs red carpet has been grabbing plenty of headlines. No-one had heard of anything like it before. Apparently. I hate to break it to Sam but he isn’t the first to go for this look. Eloise Slaughter in Note to Boy got there before him with her Anti-Fashion Fashion. Not to mention, David Bowie’s 1973 Aladdin Sane costume. 

Here’s a description of Eloise’s creations:

‘Big bulges, humpbacks and pot bellies, lolloping bums and carbuncle-y swellings … designed not to disguise imperfections in the body but to exaggerate them … With Anti-Fashion Fashion body shape was irrelevant. The tyranny of striving for unattainable physical perfection was over.’

Could it be that Sam Smith’s motives were the same as my own in writing the novel? Wait long enough and satire turns into reality!

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