Friends of Sonning Common Library are well named

Thank you Alison of Sonning Common Library, Alex of Fourbears Bookshop in Caversham and all those who turned out to the very cheery Sonning Common Library on a dark, damp night. They listened attentively as I burbled on about Note to Boy and my time as a BBC comedy writer, laughed at my humour (mostly) and asked some trenchant questions. The Friends of the Library certainly lived up to their name and made me very welcome indeed.

Hope to meet you again when my next novel is published!

Some snaps from the evening.

Even toothache couldn’t keep me away!

The weather people were forecasting a thunderstorm; the card reader was refusing to co-operate; and a dental appointment had left me on painkillers, with one hamster cheek and a rapidly blooming bruise. What else could go wrong with my talk at Abingdon Library, the library’s first live event since you-know-what?

Nothing, as it turned out. Or, at least …. I’ll come back to that. In the event, by the evening of 9th September the weather had calmed down, my Elephant Woman look had subsided, and the wonderful library staff swiftly found a way round the whole card reader issue.

Awaiting our author!

In fact, I can’t speak for everyone else but for me the whole evening was a treat. It was so good to meet people in the flesh, so to speak. There was a decent turnout: some loyal friends, plus a gratifying number of new faces, all of them friendly, I’m happy to report. People listened attentively to my rambling thoughts on writing, publishing and promoting a comic novel, as well as memories of my days as a comedy scriptwriter for BBC radio and television. They laughed in the appropriate places when I read a short extract and asked thought-provoking questions that were within my ability to answer at the end. And afterwards I signed copies. Even the wine was excellent. Phew!

Even the wine was excellent!

So thank you, Abingdon Library, especially Jessica Williams and Jane Dulieu, for entrusting me with the honour of kicking off your new season of live events. Thank you to the award-winning Mostly Books for supplying copies of Note to Boy, especially Jack for doing his best with that pesky card reader link. Most of all, thank you to everyone who attended.

And that final thing to go wrong? I don’t have any photographs of me in full flow. The ones here were taken by me beforehand. But take it from me, I looked super glam and was hilarious, the packed room was in stitches, and everyone had the best time.

If you’re connected to an Oxfordshire library and would like me to come along and talk to you about me and Note to Boy, please do get in touch via this website. I’ll try to remember the photos next time!

Author event at Abingdon library

At last library events are happening again! I’m delighted to say I will be at Abingdon Library on Thursday 9th September at 6pm, talking about Note to Boy, reading an extract from it, and revealing something of my shady past as a BBC TV and radio scriptwriter, as well as signing books. Please join us. Tickets are a snip at £2 (including wine or a soft drink) and available either from the library counter or by telephoning 01235 520374.

More info here.

See you there!