The Verdict: ‘A fun read’

Well, the reviews of A Novel Solution are coming in … and I can breathe again.

You never know before you publish what readers are going to think of your book. Obviously you love it – otherwise you’re in the wrong business and should immediately retrain as a nail technician or a barista. But will they? Will they fall for your characters? Will they find the plot convincing? Will they like your writing style? And – to me, almost as important – will they get the jokes?

I’m happy to report that A Novel Solution (published in paperback on 11June by SRL Publishing) seems to have hit the spot. The reviews so far have been thrillingly positive. So I can cancel those job applications to Nailed It! and The Daily Grind… for the time being at least!

Big thanks to all those who took the time to review. Here’s a selection from their kind words (For the full reviews, see Amazon):

‘A delightful comedy fiction, this book follows Trish, a lovable mess, who meets Amanda a renowned author offering to mentor her. Masterfully written, hilarious and effortlessly engaging, it’s a brilliant story brimming with laughter and surprising twists.’ Amazon customer

‘Trish’s self-esteem is at rock bottom in A Novel Solution, Sue Clark’s witty, satirical second novel. Her husband is unfaithful, her adult daughters are selfish and her boss underrates her. When Trish finds herself alone and out of a job, she decides to repair her shattered confidence by writing a best-selling book. As she has no idea how to go about this, she signs up for individual writing lessons… Sue Clark uses clever writing techniques to emphasise her main character’s inner conflicts. Trish’s inner voice is personified as Ivy, who comments on and appraises her efforts to better herself. As well as being very funny, Ivy helps to explain why Trish sticks like glue to the arrogant Amanda… I also enjoyed Sue Clark’s beautifully written, relatable first novel Note to Boy. I heartily recommend both of her novels as pacy, entertaining reads which will make you giggle. To paraphrase Trish’s dream review – these are great books. Buy them!’ Loarn Paterson (www,

‘As soon as I started reading this, I was hooked… I really liked Trish, and felt so sorry for her as the secrets and bad luck kept on coming, but she did meet some good people along the way and never gave up. One of my favourites was Ivy, Trish’s inner voice that fills in any gaps that she leaves out whilst telling us the story. This was another fab book that was so well written that I couldn’t put it down. I’m definitely going to look out for more by this author for sure, and if you want a good, fun, emotional read then go read it.’ @candygirl73reads

‘I love a good cosy mystery and Sue for sure nailed this… I flew through this book within a few hours, which each chapter getting me more and more hooked. The mystery that ensues is fun to try and solve while reading and I was making new guesses with every page turn. The pacing is great and there’s never a moment where there’s a lull or you feel like you can look away. Overall a solid read that’s great for mystery lovers who like something a bit lighter and cosy.’ @titleswtyler

‘This was such a fun read. It’s a mix of mystery, British humour and thriller and it’s just full of quintessential English eccentrism. But it’s also a drama and a comedy, all the while remaining easy to read and thoroughly entertaining. My first read by Sue Clark, but judging by my enjoyment of this, certainly not my last. It’s genuine, real and hard to put down and I read this in two sittings. But it’s also a book of depth and emotion, with a main theme that women “of a certain age” may find it difficult to find their place in the world or might feel left behind.’ @fatguyreading

I was instantly drawn to this book when I read the blurb. It had everything that appealed to me. A coming of age / middle life crisis novel that I could relate to. I connected with Trish she was a real character that was just like me in so many ways… This was a good relaxed read that didn’t feel hard work and would be a welcome holiday companion. @mrsd271015

‘Sue Clark’s second book, A Novel Solution, demonstrates again what a witty, personable writer Clark is. The main character, Trish, is down on her luck but so relatable; even when bad things happen, you feel her pain and know that things have to get better, but how? That’s Clark’s skill as a storyteller. Every character is unique here, with quirks and believable flaws, no stereotypes.’ A B Kyazze 

See how excited I am to welcome the paperback!