‘Clark is a remarkable ventriloquist’ says Kirkus Reviews

Wonderful news! Kirkus Reviews, the prestigious American book review magazine, having taken a gander at Note to Boy, liked what it found. Putting authorly modesty aside for a moment, here are a few extracts. Or you can read the full review here.

“A funny, immersive portrait” – Kirkus Reviews

Summing up the story as ‘A teenager becomes the scribe of a former fashion icon’, Kirkus Reviews goes on to say ‘Clark is a remarkable ventriloquist, alternating from the working-class vernacular of Bradley to the posh theatricality of Eloise with each chapter.’ Never been called a ventriloquist before, but I have to say I like it!

“A pleasure all the way through” – Kirkus Reviews

Later on, the reviewer comments, ‘The characters are richly drawn and readers will quickly become invested in the odd couple, as individuals and as friends.’ And ends with, ‘The story is a pleasure all the way through. A funny, immersive portrait of an unusual working relationship.’

What’s especially pleasing to me is that the anonymous reviewer is, I presume, American. I’m never sure how well British humour – especially mine – travels. Judging by this review from an organisation with such a respected name in the international publishing business, it seems readers both sides of the Atlantic find something to laugh at in the adventures of Bradley and Eloise.

Thank you Kirkus Reviews reviewer, whoever and wherever you are.

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